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We have different guestbooks here which may take you to different homepages. Please bookmark us now before moving on. Thanks .We hope you will return offen for new updates & contacts. If you would like a postcard from Michigan send your request to Tyler PO box 8181 Flint MI 48501 USA (mention you are from tyler8181's tripod postcard site)

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Postcards from the past is like traveling back in time and sharing family history. Autographs from family and friends. I still have a postcard from a grade school friend in the 60's. I use to send postcards to my grandmother's every month. They were half blind and had shakey hands so couldn't write back. And a nieghbor or friend would have to read the cards to them. The cards meant a lot to them and they looked forward to recieving them. I recently came across my old postcard collection and decieded to add to it. I am only missing a couple states. If you would like to exchange postcards join my yahoo group at They are also great additions to scapbooking- adds a little extra to vacation pages.

It cost 23 cent to mail a card in the USA and 70 cents to mail to other countries. 80 cents if in an envelope. When you collect postcards you also collect stamps--- look how postage has gone up.

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