Kennith Harding 1954-1971

Puppy Love

In 1962 Kennith was the new kid on the block. He moved into the house on the street behind me. We were in the 6th grade. It was puppy love at first sight. A bunch of us niegbor kids were playing Red-Rover and Mother-May-I at Mrs. Mernard's yard. She had a double lot and let us kids play there. Kennith sat at the edge of the lot and watched us play. I invited him to join us. A couple weeks later he told the whole niegborhood that he loved me, and they in turn told me every time they saw me. I was embrassed and ran and hid every time someone yelled "Kennith loves you". We were only 12 years old. (Tho I was flattered and I thought I would die if he ever stopped loving me) I could never say it back.