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Creating Collections Site Ring
Ring Owner: Faith Tyler  Site: Creating Collections
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Red Hats for Everyone. Join us at Join our postcard exchange groups at Check our links below if these do not work.... Welcome to Turtledom- home of the ancient & honorable order of respected turtles.An elite group of people who enjoy life & sharing laughter. There are many branches of turtles across the United States dating back to the 50's. Members can be found in all walks of life- most pronounced with shriners, mansons & elks - alumni & fraternities & sororties. US Presidents, pilots, doctors lawyers & Indian chiefs have been turtles. All turtles recognize each other by the same password. Fellowship of turtles share a common bond of friendship - "a turtle is a high mided indivisual who refuses to allow his or her mind to dwell in the gutter. A quality which may be tested through rigorous questioning & intiation." The turtle creed: Turtles are bright eyed & bushy tailed fearless & unafraid folks with a fighter pilot attitude. They think clean, have fun a lot & recognize the fact that you have to stick your neck out to get any where worthwild in life. Membership is free & open to the public. Intiation into turtledom involves answering five riddles. You must have a pure & open mind when answerig the riddles. All nasty answers are incorrect. Once you answer the riddles correctly you will be given the password. A grave responability goes along with the password. Anytime a fellow turtle asks you "Are you a turtle?" you must answer proudly & without hesitation the password in full content. If for any reason you refuse to reply you have to buy that person a drink of their choice. Are you ready to become a turtle? What are some of the benfits of being a turtle? You get a membership card to pull out & flash around. You get to proudly reply with the password when asked the question. You get to move up in the ranks of respected & honored order of turtles when you intiate other turtles. oh JOy joy... Where can you find other turtles? You may be surprised how many you already know. You just gotta ask. There are also several groups on the internet & you are invited to join them. You can find their links listed below.There are chat rooms, message boards, guestbooks & more ruaturtle websites . Gosh they are every where- you will wonder how you were so blind to them before. Now that your eyes are open & you have come out of your shell it's a wonderful life being a turtle All non-turtles & turtle wanna-be's can apply for membership at the rua turtle group listed below & or from a card-carrying turtle in good standing. Hurry it's not too late before "Turtle Awareness" week (which is the first week of August) Wear your Turtle badge with Pride! What is a turtle? A turtle is a high minded indivual who refuses to allow his/her mind to dwell in the gutter. A quality which may only be tested through rigorous questioning & intiation.. Turtles were the first animals created on Earth & other planets. They rule the Universe. There is no excape! Secret turtles know you. Do you know them? Ask daily "Are you a turtle? Turtles reframe from eating soup of any kind, fearing that there may be turtle soup ingredence hidden in it somewhere (some non-turtles are still trying to make turtles become extinct) How many licks does it take to get to the center of a toostie roll pop? What is the Turtle creed? Turtles are bright eyed, bushy tailed fearless & unafraid folks wth a fighter pilot attitude. They think clean, have fun a lot, & recognize the fact that you never get any place worthwild in life unless you stick your neck out. How can YOU become a turtle too? you must be able to answer five riddles with pure thoughts. Learn the password & always answer with the password when asked "Are You A Turtle?" The penality for not answering correctly is you have to buy the askie a drink of their choice. New turtles must prove their loyality by singing the "Turtle Song" to non-turtles 24 hours a day for eight months. Where can I find the riddles & password? Under the purple rock in your back yard or in the willow tree hollow and also At the yahoo turtle group listed below- R U A Turtle (the first link listed) email What do Turtles do? They make lots of other turtles to avoid losing their Turtle status. Turtles spead joy & laughter where ever they go. They are wise & clever & happy to share their knowelge with anyone who will listen. Anyone caught hiding a non-turtle will be punished & subjected to a fine of providing a lifetime supply of beef jerky & or beer-nuts to the Turtle Congress. Where do I find the Turtle message board? In the R U A Turtle link below. This is a new group on yahoo with many features for turtle news & updates, plus voting polls & photos & bookmarks. You are welcome to join & post questions & answers. BEWARE of Snapping Turtles working towards Imperialship! What are the benifits of being a turtle? You will not get arrested by the Turtle Police & you will not be forced to live with racoons who will try to eat you! You get a card that you can show to your friends & they will be highly impressed! Some of our high ranking turtles have been astonuts, presidents, shriners, masons,elks, firemen, policemen, vets, teachers, hobos, movie stars,doctors and musicans. Most clowns are turtles too. Where can I get a membership card? Join the R U A Turtle group (listed below) and Send a self addressed stamped envelope along with the password &your request to RUA Turtle? PO Box 8181 Flint Michigan 48501 USA It is illegal not to carry your card on you at ALL times. You may want to order extras to wallpaper your bedroom (& other rooms) with. It will greatly enchance your sex life . Turtle Riddles and password can be found at our yahoo group and msn group