Book Worms At BookCloseOuts "There's My Book" Your first stop in searching for books online- buy/sell/trade your books here.To order our mail order catolog send your name & address and two first class stamps to There's My Book PO Box 8181 Flint MI 48501 USA (Don't forget to bookmark us before you get lost in the wonderful world of books)

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Romantic. Exclusive. Free. 2 Free romance novels! I once bought some books at a rummage sale where the pervious owner had rated all the books she had read. On the front page she gave a mini review of what she thought of the story. I found that an interesting way to get another point of view or different insight into the story. As a rule you do not want to mark in your books if you are planning to re-sell them. But some stories are hard to follow & by highlighting certian parts it helps to make sence of the plot. Personally I do not mind a few marks--- But then neither do I want to read a story that the reader has re-written with all her/his opinions. (That's what reading groups are for- to voice the opinions) Buy One/Get One Free Download an eBook today Book Grading System; AN-as new, VF-very fine, M-mint, F-fine, NF-near fine. EX-library, BC-book club, BB-bad binding. R-rare, VG-very good,G-good, f-fair, R-readable,P-poor. Dewy Decimal System; 000-099 General Works (many subjects), 100-199 Man's Ideas (philosophy), 200-299 Religion, 300-399 Social Sciences, 400-499 Languages, 500-599 Sciences, 600-699 Use of Sciences (technology), 700-799 The Arts, 800-899 Literature, 900-999 History Geography & Biographies.

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Free Shipping on Comics My Mother & Sister got me started on John Jakes's "The Bastard" series. I found the first couple of chapters to be slow & dull.( I must not have been in the right state of mind at the time) By the third chapter I was hooked & reading two books a week from the series. I soon caught up to the books my Mother and Sister were reading. We could hardly wait for "The Americans" to come out. My family checked the bookstores daily for the new release. Quite by accident I found a copy at the grocery store! I called Mom to let her know I got my copy- sure that they had gotten their's. But the bookstores didn't have it yet. Oh Lucky Me! This url is to be used for Apple banners Signs that you May be a Book Addict: You have books in your kitchen cabinets instead of dishes or pots & pans. You can't wait to get to a red light so you can read a couple more pages. Your car trunk is always full of new treasures you couldn't pass up. There is no room in your garage to park your car- but maybe room for another box of books. Books fall out of your closets every time you open them. You can't find your furnture buried under your books. You CAN NOT pass by a Book Fair or Book sale without stopping- just can't do it! You have to have a back-up book on you all the time- just in case you finish your present book before you return back to your Library Heaven at home. If you are guilty of any of these you may be an addict & need to seek help at our reading group above. We may not be able to cure you- but we can listen to your reading reviews. (A lot of people can not sleep without cuddling with their favorite book- that's normal) Lowest prices on magazine subscriptions There is help: You can trade your books or donate them to Senior Citizen Homes. check out bibliofind at below.
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