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Welcome to "There's My Book". It's so nice of you to join us. We've been expecting you. Take your time & look around. Our goal is to become your favorite spot on the web. We hope to earn your trust & confidence, so you will return offen and bring your friends. Browse & shop compare. We have some great affiliates and you can find some good friends at our reading groups. If you belong to a reading group please tell us about it in our guestbook below. To request a mail order book catolog & bookmarker send you name & address and two first class stamps to There's My Book PO Box 8181 Flint MI USA 48501
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Taking Care of your books: To protect the binding of a new book & insure that it lays flat- open the book in the middle suporting the binder flat to the table. Then take equal small amount of pages from each side & open them towards the middle until all pages are up again. This gives equal suport to the binder so when you start reading the book it does not become lope-sided. Too high or too low humidity damages books causing musty moldy wrinkled pages & encourages insect growth. Dust dries out books & Direct sunlight causes books to fade. To help prevent warping place similar sized books together- neither too crowded or too part apart. Do not fold down corners or use paper clips on pages, over time it causes the pages to weaken. Do not use rubber bands or string to hold books together- these can cut through the pages. Do not write in your books or use them as scratch pads- this lowers re-sale value. Books are made to be read over & over. Take good care of your books & teach children to respect them. Join our reading group above to exchange & trades books.

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eBay's Half.com Browsing cost nothing. Shop & compare. Second hand doesn't mean second best. New Books VS Used Books: Your favorite author can't keep up with your reading speed. Or your favorite author wrote previous books before you found him/her. Please add your book reviews & comments to our guestbook. Thank you.
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